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  1. Bodyassist Deluxe Elastic Wrist Strap & Wrap
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    Rigid strap over thermal wrap
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    Rigid strap over thermal wrap Learn More
  2. Activease Silicone Gel Thumb/Wrist Brace with Magnets
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    Magnetic gel support that's waterproof
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    Magnetic gel support that's waterproof Learn More
  3. Activease Thermal Multi Purpose Strap with Magnets
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    Flexible thermal neoprene & magnets
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What Clients Say

30/9/2021 I have had a Dick Wicks thermal knee support with magnets for a couple of years. The first time I used it to help with a mis-tracking patella. After months of physio, plenty of pain, with very little gain, and another brand knee support that did very little, the Dick Wicks knee support provided instant pain relief. I wore it overnight and the change the next morning was significant! (Based on the effectiveness of the knee support, I went and bought a wrist and neck support. They also work a treat!) Recently I tore the medial meniscus in the same knee. I’ve worn the Dick Wicks knee support almost non-stop since, which has provided huge relief. On the days when I feel like a break, I’ve quickly discovered that leaving it off is a bad idea. After surgery I reckon the Dick Wicks knee support will still be a favourite. Very happy to recommend Dick Wicks body supports. They did the trick for me!


I bought one of each of these last September and they have been absolutely AMAZING. SO great to have found braces that are ACTUALLY latex free and I haven't reacted to them at all!! I wouldn't have managed without them! Have recommended widely and my physio was really impressed when I took them to show her last year!! THANK YOU for your FABULOUS customer service last year (silly postage issues but your customer service team were awesome! - thanks again!), I am definitely a happy returning customer. Kind regards Rebecca

Rebecca J.

WHAT A LIFE-SAVER I absolutely LOVE this product and am always recommending it to my friends. I live in Kentucky where the humidity makes it feel like you're walking through pea soup four months of the year so having a roller in my car can make or break a long run! Since I found the anti-chafe roll-on I have have had exactly ZERO chafing incidents - whether running, hiking, or cycling which is what I use it for most, or just wearing my favorite dress or shorts - I don't leave the house without it. 2Toms® SportShield® Anti Chafing Roll-On

Lorri R. United States